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opsZero uses Infrastructure as Code to build all infrastructure. The directory structure contains everything needed to run the entire Cloud infrastructure from DNS to IAM to the Cloud. The way different components are used is through different terraform modules.

opsZero support:


  • edge: DNS and Cloudflare Access

  • iam: Setup Cloud level IAM and Access.

  • monitoring: Monitoring configuration

  • secrets: Store and manage secrets.

    • ssm: Store secrets in AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store

  • environments: Cloud Kubernetes Clusters, Common Cloud Terraform, Shared Terraform

Tools & Setup

brew install kubectl kubernetes-helm awscli terraform


  • make fmt: Run terraform fmt

Git & Github

Make branches and work on the branches.

git checkout main
git pull
git checkout -b <branch>... # Code
git add -p
git commit
git push origin <branch>
gh pr create # Or create a Pull request on the Github repo

Pull requests are created frequently and often to ensure timely feedback. Pull requests should reference the Issue that is to be closed. Say you are closing

The Pull Request Message should have:

Closes #99


Pull Request Checklist


  • Are the Regions Consistent? Make sure that everything is in the same region. Example, us-west-2 and that regions aren’t mixed unless you are deploying to different regions.

  • Ensure CIDR Blocks Don’t Conflict



  • Remove Trailing Whitespace


  • terraform fmt

  • Files should have underscores. Example, NOT

  • Resources should have underscores. resource "aws_ec2_instance" "analytics_bastion"

  • Modules should have dashes. module "analytics-bastion"


  • Prefer helm upgrade --install to helm install

  • Put charts in the charts directory.

  • Spelling of the chart name

  • Ensure that _helpers.tmpl is being used for metadata information.

 name: {{ include "fullname" . }}-jobs
   {{- include "labels" . | nindent 4 }}
  • Run helm template --debug charts/dir-name to find issues.

  • Are values.yml in the correct place?

Github Actions

  • AWS

    • Is the AWS Account ID Correct?

    • Is the Docker Registry Created?

    • Is the name of the image correct?

  • Prefer to move environment variables to globals:

   name: Test, Build, Deploy
   runs-on: ubuntu-latest
     ECR_REPOSITORY: datascience